Tuesday, March 15, 2011

All Over the Place Today...

Be sure to check out the post below this one about Rachel's grandson. It's important!
While I'm not a fan of getting up "earlier" at the moment, that extra hour of sunlight after dinner certainly makes up for it! Spring is a-comin'!
For the first time in ages, there's a family with 3-4 kids living in my apt. building. That would be in a two-bedroom apartment. They laugh, they play, they make noise at all hours of the day. I don't think they understand the apartment building mentality. I don't think I'll be baking an apple pie for them as a welcoming gift.
I have a couple of friends on Facebook who use their status updates for constant religious affirmation. I'm not talking about an occasional "God is great" status. I'm talking about every freakin' status, multiple times a day. I always wonder whose benefit that is for--them or us?
Speaking of religion, did you see the video of the wack-a-doodle college girl from UCLA? She says that many Christians prayed on Ash Wednesday for God to show the atheists who's boss, and two days later, He "shook Japan by the shoulders" to answer their prayers! Apparently, her definition of 'atheist' would be 'non-Christians'... She's absolutely giddy about how quickly He answered. And can't wait to see what He has in store for the US by the time Easter rolls around, because there's so many atheists here. Freak.

Of course, there's also the faction of freaks who believe that the devastation in Japan is God's retribution for Pearl Harbor. WTF??? I though Hiroshima and Nagasaki took care of that. Then there's the video of a USC big-boobed blond bimbo (alliteration is a wonderful thing) who bitches about the Asian population on campus. Especially when they're using their cell phones in the library. As she's "deep in studying". They're all calling about that "tsunami thing". She immediately realizes that that's probably insensitive, but still, if you know you're calling about that, can't you do it outside??? Yep, racism is alive and well in America, folks.
I'm getting really tired of people whose profile pic or avatars show off a nekkid body part. Are you really that much of a narcissist that you think we need to see that all the time? The women are just as bad as the guys in this regard, too. Or am I getting cranky in my old age?
Speaking of old age, there's a guy whose house I pass just about every day on my way to work. And almost every day, winter or summer, you can find him outside, cleaning things up. If there's snow, he's shoveling it. Perfect walls of snow along his driveway and sidewalk. Gutters cleared of ice and snow. In the summer, he's mowing his lawn with an old mower. Not a gas mower, mind you, but the old-fashioned kind. With trimming shears in his back pocket. He'll get on his hands and knees to clip the edges to exact lengths. EVERY SINGLE DAY. In the fall he rakes the leaves--because he can't possibly have one leaf on the ground. In the spring, he's raking up the dead grass in anticipation of green grass. I'm not sure how I feel about this guy--is it sorta sad, or a wonderful thing?
In Montana legislative news--in a 6-6 deadlock, the effort to repeal the marijuana laws got stalled in a Senate committee. For all the weird and wacky things that the House passed, the Senate appears to have cooler heads. This was a better result than anticipated, but the fight to overturn this particular voter's initiative isn't over, I'm afraid. No word on the spear hunting or the silencers on hunting rifles yet...
The soul band had a gig Saturday! It's been six months since we've played together, but one long rehearsal last week had us back in form. It was a Mardi Gras themed dinner/auction/dance for the local Food Share. Great crowd, full dance floor ALL night long, and we didn't do too badly! For a project that was a 'summer-only' thing, it looks like we're here to stay for awhile!


The Smoking Redhead said...

You are wonderful and I love you!!

Maggie said...

We have all sorts of families living in these 2 bedroom apartments and the size is essentially my 1 bedroom plus another small bedroom, not even a bigger living area. I don't know how they do it (yes I do, they send the kids outside all the time). It just seems rude to have SO much noise all the time. Of course, the college guy above me makes just as much on his own, so...

Anonymous said...

Is cleavage different than a naked body part? I'm thinking it has to be :-)

The religious updates do them good, I think that is one of the ways they "get in". I have a person I friended on facebook and puts religious quotes out there. I've considered unfriending him, I'll read the bible if I want that sort of thing.

It sounds like maybe that guy doesn't have anything better to do, which would be sad.

Apartment living sucks when you have kids, most people are not very considerate.

And I totally agree, the extra hour of sunlight is pure heaven.

Dana said...

THIS! Lots and lots of THIS! --> "I'm getting really tired of people whose profile pic or avatars show off a nekkid body part. Are you really that much of a narcissist that you think we need to see that all the time?"

Cheeky Minx said...

Hmmm... Maybe you're getting a wee bit cranky. :P

And I hear you on apartment living. Some people don't have a clue and tend to forget their floor is another's ceiling. Case in point, the new guy upstairs... *sigh*

13messages said...

We're lucky in the apartment situation. We're the ones with the kids, but we're pretty quiet. We don't hear our neighbors and they don't hear us.

I love the band photos. When you were in Nashville, we should have gone to the Gerst Haus. Your instrument of choice figures prominently in with the house band.

Regarding avatars... I guess my ugly mug ain't so bad after all. Unless, of course, my big nose counts as a naked body part.

Carry on, my friend. As you know, I always enjoy your posts.