Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I miss HNT

I miss HNT.  There, I said it.  I'll say it again.  I miss HNT.

I can't say that I miss the community.  I mean, I do, but the FB community keeps me on my toes too.  What I miss is the anonymity of blogging.  It was a place where people would disclose fantasies, emotions, and let's face it...their half-nekkid selves.  Unfortunately, FB is not a platform where one can really do that.  Any of it.  FB has, in spite of its privacy options and posting options, always been far more public than blogging ever was.  Far more family involvement and far more people willing to toss in their two cents to something they don't agree with (which seems contradictory to the way they did it on Blogger).  There's far less ability to speak one's mind or about real concerns in life.  Too many people to worry about offending somehow.  Too many people to keep track of.

None of us are writing anything remotely interesting anymore.  We're posting pics of the cat.  Or dinner.  Or some stupid survey result.  None of that crap happened while blogging.  When blogging, we had stories to tell.  Grand stories.  With FB, we have sort of have small talk.  With Twitter, we blurt out the first thing that comes to mind (at least that's what I imagine, since I'll never join Twitter!).  We don't have any basis to really make new friends with on FB.  Any new friends that we make anymore are generally someone we already know somehow--old classmates, friends of friends, even (gasp!) co-workers.  With blogging, we could quietly stalk someone's post and determine if there was something there that piqued our interest.  If so, we'd continue going back, possibly building some sort of rapport, and often times get that one-on-one interaction going.  That's missing in FB.  How many of us have gone to a random commenter and "friended" them?  Not many, I'd bet.  For as cumbersome as blogging was, I think it was a much more in-depth social platform than what we've got now.

I miss HNT.

Taking it a step further (farther?--what's the rule?), I miss the various states of nekkidness.  I miss the teasing.  I miss boobies and butts and hoo-haws.  I miss the artistry that many of you presented.  I miss the willingness and decisions to post something that you never thought you'd do in a thousand years.  I miss the anticipation for Thursdays. 

I had a chat with someone just in the past day or two about missing HNT.  Could it be revived?  Brought back?  We both agreed probably not.  Primarily for the reason it was retired in the first place--blogging is dead.  And blogging is where HNT belongs.  Certainly not FB.  Instagram, possibly, but HNT was always more than just a picture, and IG doesn't lend itself to writing stories very well.  Snapchat would be worse, and sort of limited.  Plus that 10-sec. rule puts a damper on things (yeah, there's ways around that, but still...)

But the main reason it couldn't be revived is that I just don't see it catching on.  HNT started 9 1/2 years ago, which is an eternity in social media.  Things have changed drastically in that time.  We have changed drastically in that time.  I look at many of those who were regulars, and for the most part, they've put the notion of half-nekkidness behind them.  Cheeky Minx is still posting her brand of nekkidness 3-4 times/month.  Secretive Writer has sort of returned.  And there's a small handful of others that post from time to time, but for the most part, anyone who participated has pretty much left it behind.  Would they do it again?  I have a hard time imagining that many of them would.  And that's too bad. 

I miss HNT.  I hope that most of you reading this miss it too. 

FYI--If any of you want to share some nekkidness with me for the Holiday Season, my email hasn't changed!  :-)


Sky Blue said...

I miss it too. I would totally do it again.

Sailor said...

Funny timing for this post, one of the regular contributors (who had just convinced me to start, when HNT stopped) and I were talking about this earlier today- and both of us remarked that we miss it too :)

Anonymous said...

I miss when blogs were king. Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook can't compare in my mind.

Who are you... whowho said...

I miss it too. I also miss being able to blog freely without worrying about blogstalkers that turn you into your workplace. Also missing being both anonymous and part of a group/family at the same time.
I miss the originals... the later on's got to be pretty clickish which is how things usually go in life.
I miss your real blog posts, not the the non life on facebook.
I know that blogging is changing but I am not going to let mine die. I have too much in my head that needs to get out.

Cheeky Minx said...

Like you said, I'm still posting fairly regularly (addicted as I am to flashing my bits!) - and I'm not alone. I think there are new communities springing up everywhere. Sinful Sunday has created a new crowd and between Twitter and Tumblr there's much nudity to be embraced.

The stories are still being told, mostly by a younger generation of writers. I'm slowly getting my steam back and have definite writing plans for this year. Blogging isn't dead, it's just changed. (All and sundry proclaimed film as dead once the digital era hit and we all know that was utter bollocks!)

So... you should join us on these pacier and racier platforms and leave FB for the buttoned-up types. ;-)

Brigit Delaney said...

Oh...yes...many would do it again. Many of us haven't stopped. HNT caught and stuck around, regardless of whether you ran it or not. Too many of us enjoy the anonymous exhibition it provides. Just sayin'. And I agree with those above...blogging is far from dead, especially in the sex-blog world.