Wednesday, January 01, 2014

The Final Episode of HNT Is Up and Running!

You can check out the very final HNT here.  It's an interesting mix this time around, with some people throwing caution to the wind and sending in something bold, and others going old-school like it was in the early days.

Many thanks to those who have participated over the years, especially those who joined us over the past couple of years.  It's been a wild ride!


Cheeky Minx said...

This is really the end of an era. *sob*

Thank you again for your support and friendship - and for playing such a pivotal role in the kind of self-portraiture we see all over the net.

I can't wait to see everyone together one last time...

Lee Ann Hilton said...

So long HNT!
It was great spending all those late Wednesday nights with you and all the other HNTers.
I think it is so cool that friendships were developed from this.
It was a great time. :)
Happy New Year!
Lee Ann

Elle said...

It was one hell of a ride, and one special community ;) Thanks again, Os, for having held it together for so long!

Chapter Two said...

A life changing experience- truly

Dallas Meow said...

Just stopped by to see if you still ran HNT :) Selling off all Velma's "collections" and got nostalgic. Take care.