Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Three Christmas Wishes (non)HNT 2012

OK, boys and girls! ONLY ONE WEEK UNTIL THE RETURN OF HNT! And really, even less than that, with Christmas just before then. In other words...plan ahead! Remember--if you're no longer blogging, or don't want to post anything half-nekkid anymore, I'll be opening up OHNT to host pictures. Just don't wait until the last minute!  And a personal request--if you want to send in stuff for OHNT, if you could get pics in by the end of the weekend, it will help me time-wise.  And if you're inclined to send in a regular OHNT (anonymous) pic, I'll be running those too!

In spite of the absence of HNT during the year, the Three Wishes theme deserves to continue, now for the EIGHTH year!  The premise was simple (or so I thought)--pick three bloggers/HNTers that you'd give Christmas wishes/gifts to, with unlimited means and resources. The catch--don't pick three of your closest blogger buddies. You'd be sending them ecards/chats/texts/emails to send your Christmas wishes anyway. No, the hard part here was to pick three that you might not even read, other than on Thursdays. Three that struck your fancy enough to let them know they're a hair above the rest of the masses. It also required a bit of research into that person's blog so that your wishes/gifts were at least appropriate. This was a whole lot easier in the old days when there were so many doing HNT.
That was the old days.  It's so much harder now, since so many HNTers/bloggers have abandoned their blogs.  So, since it's my theme, I can adjust the concept as necessary.  Ah, it's good to be Os!  So here's my three (in no particular order):

DaisyGirl - She's had less than a spectacular year on the relationship front.  It's been tough, and frankly a little painful to read about over at FB.  Even though there's plenty of friends online that love her to death, it isn't the same thing as having the flesh & blood version to wake up to.  So my first wish is that her knight in shining armor shows up this year.  Preferably unexpectedly and in storybook fashion.

Aughra - Back in 2005, Aughra was the recipient of one of my wishes.  For most of the year, we read about her unsuccessful attempts to get pregnant, so my wish for her was that her husband's swimmers and her eggs would all get along and make a baby.  Lo and behold, her son was born 9 months later!  I hadn't realized that I was that good!  So this year, I figure it couldn't hurt to send her a wish again this year.  In late July, she was diagnosed with cancer, requiring fairly immediate surgery.  But being the badass that she is, she's not letting this get her down.  Hell, she was walking on her treadmill three days after surgery!  And she's already run a 10K and a 4-mile Trail Run since then!  Even after her rounds of chemo, she's still more fit than most of us!  But my wish is that the cancer is totally gone by this time next year.  And that you pick out a great set of new boobies! (I was going to wish a subscription to Playboy so she could shop for the right ones, but apparently her hubby has already been contacted about that...)

Autumn - Autumn has been really busy this year, heading her local cancer Relay For Life committee, and raising her two boys as a single mom.  She posted in May that she had to face that unenviable moment when puberty and grown-up activities collided head-on.  As a never-married old guy, I can't even imagine what that moment would be like, but I had great faith that she and her ex would be able to navigate those troubling waters.  Then just last week she posted a picture of her oldest boy (15) and his date to the school dance.  Oh, man, is she going to have her hands full!  He's a very handsome young man, and he's going to have beautiful girls dripping off of him for years!  So my Christmas wish for her is a complete set of fly swatters to beat the girls off of him.  Multiple colors so that each girl will have their own designated swatter (always have to think of hygiene, you know!).  I'll work on upgrading them to the digital versions by the time the younger son gets to that age, so you can keep track of how many swats it took to get rid of each of them, how often you had to use it, etc. 

So there you go.  As for the rest of you that actually come by anymore, you get the wish of a very Merry Christmas!!  And don't forget to come back next Thursday to check up on the HNTs!


Autumn said...

oh my goodness Os i can't stop laughing! thank you so much for the most excellent Christmas wish. you are so right, i will definitely be needing those. ;)

as noted, the younger is still to come and he will also be a going concern i am sure. i look forward to those digital upgrades. hell, i am still laughing here.


Chapter Two said...

love it. should do mine......might do ....not sure who to wish what on. sigh...