Monday, February 27, 2012

Gotta Work On Posting More...(second attempt)

What a long, long few days I've had! Four days, five rehearsals, two concerts. Not too sure that we thought that one through very well... The good part is that both concerts came off remarkably well. With a minimum number of hassles. And a new appreciation for Shostakovich!
I've written a great deal over the years about my nieces, but not too much about my nephew. Now that he's the last kid, he's growing into his own. As a sophomore, he played a bit on the varsity football team, and he's been putting in a good deal of time on the varsity basketball team as a point guard. The state playoffs start up this weekend, and hopefully he'll get the chance to make some major contributions!
"The Godfather" is on AMC all this week. You can pretty much guess where my butt's going to be planted this week!
Mom asked me this afternoon if I'd watched the Oscars last night. HA! With "The Walking Dead" on??? Pfffttt...
Did anyone notice that February is almost over? How did that happen? Good thing there's an extra day this year so I can say I enjoyed it!
Good golly, my life has gotten boring.
And now...Pomplamoose covers the "Angry Birds" theme.


Cheeky Minx said...

The Godfather?! I'll bring the popcorn as long as you warm my seat for me... ;-)

viemoira said...

Love the video! :D