Sunday, July 18, 2010

Concert weekend...

  • Wonderful weather all weekend--mid-80s for the concert, with a perfect hint of a breeze, and not a cloud in the sky.
  • Which means a healthy sunburn for me, particularly my nose (as always), but in a new nearly bald head. A sunburned scalp is a very interesting sensation!
  • Every joint in my body below my hips is in pain. I'm getting old...
  • No glitches all weekend!
  • Blood was drawn on a couple of places on my body, and I should be sporting a pretty good looking bruise or two within a day or two.
  • Musically, it was probably one of our best summer concerts ever!
  • Thanks to a great work crew, we tore down the actual orchestra set-up in 40 minutes. A new record for us!
  • At least 15,000 in attendance. Probably more.
  • Very tired, very sore, but very happy with a weekend free of hassles, troubles and good music!


Moosekahl said...

Glad it went so well!

Anonymous said...

yea! though if you think a sunburnt scalp is an interesting sensation, let me tell you about sunburnt boobies. Owwww!!! At least you can leave your head bare and go through life normally.

Autumn said...

well, aside from the sunburn, it sounds absolutely perfect! i can only imagine how your poor head must feel. ouch!

and more blood drawn? i hope the bruises aren't too huge. :(

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a success.